Youtube Monetization

Youtube Monetization Services

Digicell Media Private Limited YouTube Network is a collection of over 1 Lakh Plus videos that have served under our Managed CMS, MCN, Music CMS Digicell Media Private Limited allows current YouTube channel owners as well as new video creators to expand their views and revenues by joining the Digicell Media Private Limited CMS/ MCN.

    The beauty of our business Model is

  • You have complete control on your YouTube channel.
  • Any point of time you can have a look at your earnings, as reports are available to you in your channel direct from YouTube which helps us to provide 100% Transparency.
  • You have complete right to share in your network, social media or in case if you want to embed it on your website.

    We offer all the below facilities on Rev Share

  • Channel content management, content presentation, and content placement.
  • Edited artwork OR Thumbnail of each video which will help to enhance the views.
  • Cross promotion through our network.
  • Content Marketing through YouTube.
  • Targeted search key words, description, title to all the video to improve content discovery.
  • Proper guidance in terms of video formats, ratios, technical element, best practices.
  • In-video Marketing.
  • Personal Assistance.
  • In-video channel programming.
  • Technical support.
  • New business opportunities only digital medium.

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